Top Picks: Best Dog Chews For Your Pup

Ever come home to find your favorite shoes turned into a chewed-up mess?

We’ve all been there, and if you’re tired of playing hide and seek with your belongings, it’s time to consider dog chews.

With so many options on the market, choosing the right one can feel like navigating a maze. 

Don’t worry. I am here to help make your job easy. 

In this article, I have handpicked the top dog chews in the market for you. Keep reading to find out what they are.

What Are Dog Chews And Does Your Dog Need One?

Most dogs love chewing. According to their chewing habits, dogs have two personalities: Nibblers and destroyers.

Nibblers are dogs that chew toys/objects for a short time with less force. They won’t cause much damage to the toys and leave chewing after some time.

Destroyers are aggressive chewers. These dogs will keep chewing the toy or the object with a strong force until the object is destroyed completely. 

Whether your dog is a nibbler or a vigorous chewer, it’s better to get it chewing toys. Dog chews will protect your household items from your dog’s chewing and keep your dog entertained.


Natural Chews Vs. Synthetic Chews

Dog chews can be synthetic or natural. 

Synthetic dog chews are made up of rubber or plastic. They pose a risk of choking and can cause intestinal blockages and tooth damage to your dog. 

Hence, natural chews are the better alternative. Natural chews are made out of animal products and plant-based materials. They are available in different flavors and types. 

Below are the health benefits of giving your dog natural chews over synthetic ones.


  • Helps to maintain good dental health by cleaning the gum line and removing plaque. 
  • Keeps your dog entertained and content.
  • Reduces mobility issues and avoids pain.
  • Provides extra nutrients.

Both natural and synthetic dog chews have a choking hazard. So, you must keep an eye on your dog.


Top 13 Dog Chews

Let’s discuss some of the best natural dog chews available in the market.

Yak Milk Chews 

Yak milk chews are an all-natural chew option for your dog. Made by Himalayan farmers, it contains four ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, lime juice, and Himalayan salt.

Yak chews are free of gluten, lactose, soy, and grain. If your dog is allergic to these items, you can go for yak chews. 

They are also very tough and long-lasting chews. They can last from several hours to days, depending on your dog's chewing style.

Yak chews come in five sizes for different sizes of dogs as follows:

  • Small: for dogs under 15 lbs.
  • Medium: for dogs under 35 lbs.
  • Large: for dogs under 55 lbs.
  • Extra large: for dogs under 80 lbs.
  • Jumbo: for dogs over 80 lbs. 

There are no animal parts used. Hence, you don’t have to worry about odor or stains on your floor. 


Special features

  • Tough and durable.
  • Don’t emit a bad odor.

Antler Chews

Elk and deer grow and shed their antlers. Antler chew is made from the naturally shed antlers of these animals.

These chews come as whole and split chews. The whole antler chew is very tough and long-lasting. Therefore, if your dog has a vigorous chewing habit, whole antler chew is the perfect choice. 

In a whole antler, the nutritious, delicious marrow is present inside. So, your dog has to do some work to get to the marrow. 

A split antler chew is less tough than a whole antler chew, and it’s more delicious as the marrow is present on the outer layer. Your dog will finish up a split antler chew faster than a whole one as it's less tough. 

Both the whole and the split antler chew come in four sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. 

Antler chew is rich in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, calcium, and sodium. It’s free of odor, which is a plus for dog owners. Antler chew promotes dental health and provides numerous other health benefits.



Special features

  • Aids in bone, muscle, and dental health maintenance of your dog.
  • Single-ingredient with no added preservatives and chemicals.
  • Extremely long-lasting dog chews.

Warning: The shards that splinter off the antler are dangerous. They can get stuck in your dog’s mouth or gut. In such a case, your dog will need emergency surgery. Supervise your dog if you give antlers.

Cheese Dog Chews

Locals of Madeira Island in Portugal make a unique cheese known as Madeira traditional cheese. Cheese dog chews are made by hardening the Madeira traditional cheese.

Cheese dog chews come in two different flavors, chicken and beef, and three sizes for dogs of different weights as follows.

  • Small: dogs up to 20 lbs.
  • Medium: dogs between 20-50 lbs.
  • Large: dogs above 50 lbs. 

Cheese dog chews are easily digestible and rich in proteins, essential amino acids, calcium, and vitamins. It promotes dental health and is suitable for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs. 

Cheese dog chew is also free of gluten and lactose, making it suitable for dogs that are allergic to these.  

Special features

  • Low in fat and carbohydrates
  • Fully digestible by dogs.
  • Available in two flavors. 

Coffee Wood Chews

Coffee wood dog chews is a trending dog chew at present. It’s made from coffee trees that are more than 20 years old. 

If you are worried about the environment, you don’t have to because the chew is sourced without harming the natural environment. 

Coffee wood chews won’t splinter easily like other wood chews. So, it’s long-lasting. 

It comes in 3 sizes for different weight dogs, as mentioned below:


  • Small: under 20 lbs
  • Medium: under 50 lbs
  • Large: above 50 lbs. 

Coffee wood chews are free of added preservatives, chemicals, and caffeine. It also promotes your pet’s dental health.

If you’re looking for a vegan, unique, completely natural chew, then you must try this. 

Special features

  • No animal parts.
  • Completely natural.
  • Don’t splinter easily.

Flavored Yak Chews

Flavored Yak Chews are 100% natural chews that come in different sizes and flavors: strawberry, coconut, turmeric, and flaxseed. You can choose a flavor that your pup likes. 

Flavored yak chews consist of high protein and low fat, making it easily digestible. It’s suitable for dogs with allergies as well, since it’s free of lactose, soy, grain, and gluten.  

Additionally, it’s free of chemicals and preservatives. So it’s healthy for your dog and helps to maintain healthy teeth. 

No animal parts are added. So, you don’t have to worry about bad odor. 


Special Features

  • Available in different flavors. 
  • Stink-free.
  • Completely natural. 

Beef Tracheas And Cheek Rolls

The beef trachea is made out of 100% grass-fed beef and is available in 6-inch sizes. 

It’s rich in proteins and low in fat. Additionally, it contains large amounts of chondroitin and glucosamine, which boost joint function and help to build muscles as your dog grows older. 

Tracheas help to clean dog teeth and remove plaque. 

When your dog chews, beef trachea softens and starts to smell. 

Cheek rolls are made from water buffalo and they make extremely tasty chews. No doubt that your dog is going to love the taste. 

Cheek rolls come in 2 sizes: 11 inches and 5.5 inches. You can choose the one suited to the size of your dog. 

They are high in proteins and free of artificial additives. Hence, it helps to maintain your dog’s gums and teeth. 

Special features

  • Completely natural.
  • Rich in proteins.
  • Provides dental benefits, and supports bone and muscle development.

Buffalo Horns Dog Chews

Buffalo horn dog chews are made from free-range, grass-fed buffalo/bison. They are long-lasting, healthy dog chews suitable for aggressive chewers. 

Buffalo horns come in three sizes for dogs of different weights as follows:

  • Small-15-25 lbs
  • Medium-25-55 lbs
  • Large-55+ lbs

Buffalo horns are high in protein and less in fat. So if your dog is having high weight/obesity issues, this is the ideal dog chew. 

It also contains high levels of calcium to maintain the bone health of your dog. Additionally, it scrapes off plaque in the dog's teeth and eliminates bad breath. 

Buffalo horn dog chew is partially hollow, allowing you to fill it with peanut butter to make it more delicious for your pup. Avoid feeding too much peanut butter though as it’s not good for your dog’s health. Remember, buffalo horns are not suitable for dogs with poor dental health. 


Special features

  • Best for adult dogs.
  • Free of preservatives and chemicals.
  • High protein and low fat. 

Bully Sticks Dog Chew

Bully sticks are the most common type of natural dog chews. 

The Best Bully Stick dog chew is made up of a single ingredient, which is Angus Brazilian cattle pizzle

They are rich in protein and amino acids, and no chemicals or preservatives have been added. Therefore, bully sticks are hypoallergenic and nutritious. However, they are not suitable for dogs with dental issues. 

They are long-lasting dog chews that are delicious enough to keep your dog busy for hours. Depending on your dog’s chewing habit, bully sticks can last from several hours to days. 

Bully sticks are available in 4”, 6”, and 12” sizes. So, you have to choose the stick according to your dog’s size. 

You must store bully sticks in the freezer or refrigerator, and you can give them to your dog directly from the fridge; there’s no need to thaw them. 

The downside is the unpleasant smell. As bully sticks are made purely of beef muscle, you won’t like the smell, but your dog will love the taste.



Special features

  • Made up of one ingredient.
  • Hypoallergenic and nutritious.
  • Maintain dog’s dental hygiene.

Tip: If you want to give your dog a variety of treats or want to determine its favorite chew, consider buying the Bully Sticks variety pack. It has bully sticks, beef tripe twists, gullet sticks, and bladder sticks.


Jack & Pup Pig Ears Dog Chew 

Pig ears dog chew is the best alternative to rawhide chews. They are made of pig ears and are suitable for all dog breeds. 

Pig ears dog chews are tough but less firm than yak chews and antlers. Hence, it’s not suitable for dogs with a destructive chewing style. 

Below are some benefits of pig ears dog chew:

  • Preservatives, chemicals, grain, and glutens are not added. Hence, it’s suitable for allergic dogs.
  • Contains essential nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, and vitamin B12.  
  • Contains chondroitin to support bone development. 
  • Helps to maintain the dog’s teeth.  

Pig ears dog chew is high in fat. Therefore, it can upset your dog’s stomach at times. So, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, it’s better to avoid pig ears.  

Jack & Pup pig ears dog chew is sourced from grass-fed pigs without any added hormones. So, it’s healthy for your dog.


Special features

  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Highly nutritious.
  • Manufactured in a USDA human-grade certified and inspected facility.

Sweet Potato Chews

Sweet potato chews are one of the healthiest edible dog chews. It contains a lot of essential vitamins such, as vitamins A, C, and B6. It’s also rich in fiber, which helps keep your dog’s digestive system healthy. 

Sweet potato chews are low in fat and easily digestible. So, it’s best for dogs with special dietary needs and dogs with allergies.

The best part is you can make sweet potato chews at home. It’s very easy. All you have to do is slice some sweet potatoes and dry them in the oven for a couple of hours. You’re done. You can use them as treats, too. 


Special features

  • Easily digestible.
  • Can be made at home.
  • Contains many vitamins and fiber.


Purina Prime Bones Chew Stick

Purina Prime Bones dog chew is made of real wild venison with added calcium. No plastic, rawhide, or artificial preservatives and chemicals have been added.

It’s suitable for senior dogs and puppies who need a softer chew. Note that these chews are not suitable for dogs under one year old or for dogs under 20 pounds in weight. 

If you give Purina prime bones chew stick to an aggressive chewer, it won’t last long, but if your dog is a medium chewer, it will keep your dog occupied for hours.  

This dog chew comes in different sizes: small, medium, and large, as well as different flavors such as wild venison, bison, and boar. So, you have to choose one according to your dog’s preferred taste and size. 

Additionally, it doesn’t contain corn, wheat, or soy. Hence, there’s no need to worry about your dog’s allergies. 

Purina Prime Bones dog chews are good for maintaining your pet’s dental health and freshening breath. 


Special features

  • Available in different flavors.
  • Suitable for dogs needing a softer chew. 

Dog Bones Chew 

Dog Bones Chew is made out of cowhide coated with an outer durable food-grade nylon. 

The cowhide is edible, and the nylon is long-lasting and tough. Dog bones are a safe and non-toxic product. 

The special part is that dog bones chew is coated with a beef flavor and gives a strong beef aroma to attract your dog. Its design resembles actual dog bones, and it has two benefits.

  • Makes it easy for your dog to grasp and chew.
  • Helps to make a positive connection with the toy and eliminates boredom and anxiety. 

Dog bones chew is suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. They are nearly indestructible. Hence, dog bones chews are the best chews for aggressive chewers. As dog bones are very tough, they’ll last for several hours.  

Dog Bones chew also cleans the teeth, removes plaque, and promotes your dog’s dental health while chewing. 

Special features

  • The design resembles real dog bones.
  • Indestructible and lasts for several hours.

N-Bone Puppy Teething Ring

Teething puppies have an insatiable need to chew things. 

Puppy teething rings are dental chews specifically made to overcome sore gums and relieve pain during the teething stage. They also help the pup to slow down the need to chew on things. 

Puppy teething rings come in four flavors: chicken, peanut butter, pumpkin, and salmon. So you can choose your pup’s favorite flavor. 

It contains calcium, fatty acids, and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Fatty acids and DHA promote the growth of a healthy brain, healthy skin, and shiny coat, while calcium promotes the development of baby teeth and bones. 

Puppy teething rings are not suitable for pups below the age of 12 weeks and weigh less than 5 lbs. 


Special features

  • Designed for teething puppies.
  • Promotes brain and bone development.
  • Promotes dental health. 

What To Look For While Selecting A Dog Chew

There are many types of dog chews on the market. How do you choose the ideal one for your dog? 

Consider the factors below when selecting dog chews. 

Chewing style: Dogs have different chewing styles. Some dogs are vigorous chewers, and some are nibblers. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, you must give hard chews. 

Age: Your dog’s chewing preferences change with age. For example, your dog might prefer tough chews as an adult, but when it comes to senior age, it will prefer softer chews. If you’re having a teething pup, dental chews are ideal. 

Likes: Your dog might have certain preferences. It may like certain flavors and shapes over others. Consider your dog’s preference.   

Size: If the dog chew is too small, your dog may swallow it, leading to choking or bowel obstructions. So, always choose the perfect-sized dog chew. 

Hardness: Too-tough dog chews can lead to broken teeth and damaged gums, while too-soft chews will be broken by your dog easily. Hence, select dog chews with the right amount of hardness. 

Lifetime: Choose long-lasting dog chews. They will keep your dog occupied for long hours and save you money, too. 

Raw bones such as beef bones, lamb bones, and cow hooves are long-lasting and provide your dog with an enjoyable chewing experience. 

If you’re giving raw bones to your dog, choose the appropriate size to prevent choking hazards. Avoid cooked bones, as they can splinter quickly.   

Ingredients: Choose edible dog chews as they are highly digestible, good for gut health, and have other health benefits. 

Ensure the ingredients are not allergic to your dog. Also, avoid dog chews with artificial preservatives and sweeteners, as they will upset your dog’s stomach. 

Safety: Your dog could swallow the dog chews leading to complications. So, train your dog to obey your commands. 

If you’re struggling with dog training, consider the e-collar mastery course. Thomas from has said that this course is the perfect opportunity to become a pro in handling E-collars and achieving remarkable results in dog training. 

Always keep a close eye while your dog is chewing, and if the dog chew breaks into shards, remove the small fragments immediately. 

Things You Should Not Let Your Dog Chew

As responsible pet owners, you must know what’s not good for your pup. Here’s a list of things that you should not let your dog chew on. 

  • Ice
  • Stones
  • Sticks and wood
  • Tennis ball
  • Water bottle
  • Hard objects 
  • Plastic items

The above objects pose the risk of damaging teeth, choking, and hurting your dog through sharp edges. 

Supervise and keep a close eye on your dog if you are giving raw bones, antlers, and hooves to chew. 

What Are The Ideal Dog Chews For Your Dog?

There are various types of dog chews available in the market. They can be natural or synthetic. 

Edible dog chews keep your dog engaged, remove teeth plaque, and strengthen teeth and bones. 

Consider your dog’s chewing style, age, preferences, and the size, durability, ingredients, and safety of the dog chews before buying. 

Get a variety of dog chews for a more enjoyable experience and enhanced health benefits. Always supervise your dog and keep a close eye on it to prevent chew accidents.



  1. What Is The Healthiest Dog Chew?

Yak chews and elk antler chews are the healthiest, edible dog chews due to their natural composition and nutritional value.

  1. What Are The Safest Dog Chews?

Elk antlers, yak chews, and nylabones are the safest as they are durable.


  1. How Often Should I Give My Dog Chews?

You can give your dog chews everyday or every other day, depending on the circumstances. 

  1. What Do Vets Recommend Dogs To Chew On?

Vets recommend yak chews, elk antlers, and raw bones as they are natural and help maintain strong teeth.   

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