A yak milk chew is a hard cheese that is all-natural and contains no chemicals, preservatives or additives. The people in the Himalayan region of Nepal have enjoyed these chews, locally called “Churpi” for ages. The hard cheese is made with just four ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, lime juice, and a pinch of Himalayan salt. The chew has a mild flavor and hard texture, which makes it a perfect treat for dogs.

Our chews are made by farmers at 15,000 feet above sea level. In these regions, yak and cow milk is found in abundance and not all of it can be consumed. With no modern technologies available, the people used this recipe to retain nutrients and extend the shelf life of cheese by many years. The process to make these chews is quite simple. The milk is boiled and the fat (butter) is removed. The remaining buttermilk is boiled again and the protein is coagulated. The cheese curds obtained from this process are compressed in a jute cloth and allowed to harden for a few days. Finally the yak milk chews are cut and dried until they lose their moisture and harden.

Our sizing guidelines can be found on each product page within our store. However, there may be some variation in size as every breed is different. We generally recommend going one size larger than you think you need. You can always give a large or a jumbo chew without any issues, but the other way around might not be true.

If stored correctly, the product can last for several years. We print our recommended dates for use on each product tag. Make sure you keep your yak milk dog chews in a dry place at room temperature and away from any kind of moisture. After use, simply wipe them with a paper towel and leave them to dry.

Our yak milk chews have minimal wastage associated with their use. When your dog chews them down to an “end nub” piece, you can microwave the small piece and it will become a cheese puff, which you can then break up and feed your dog as a treat. This prevents any choking hazard and it’s a great way to enjoy each chew to the very last bite. Microwave them for 45-60 seconds and then in 10-second increments until you get a fully puffed up treat.

Although it very rarely happens, if you see white, green, or blue spots on the chew, please discard the chew immediately. This is a sign of mold and can be hazardous. Please contact us and we will send a replacement immediately.

Milk in the raw form is not recommended for most dogs, however these yak milk chews are virtually lactose-free as almost all of the lactose is removed during the manufacturing process. While some traces of lactose may remain, they are generally not a concern. We see less than 1 in 10 dogs experience digestive discomfort using this product.

The amount of salt used to make these yak milk dog chews is negligible. It is just used as a flavor enhancer, not for a salty taste.

These yak milk dog chews are fully digestible and digest much faster than bones, antlers, or rawhide. Most dogs will expel them naturally. Sometimes, depending on the size, they may throw up. Just like any other chew, one must always supervise its usage. If you run into a life-threatening situation, please use your best judgement and contact a veterinarian immediately.

We have a beyond fair trade policy. We purchase directly from the farmers and help them make more money in one year than they would have made in five years. As participants of this booming yak cheese trade, we are proud to contribute to the economic development of Nepal.

The cows and yaks are free to roam in lush grasslands. They are grass-fed and no antibiotics/hormones are used at any stage of their feeding. Cows and yaks are sacred in Nepal and considered directly responsible for the economic well being of the farmers.

We own a US FDA approved processing factory in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. The yak milk chews are processed with maximum care according to the highest standards. These dog chews are checked for moisture level, quality, texture, size, weight, color, mold and mites. The Nepal Government, Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Food Technology & Quality Control all conduct quarantine tests on each consignment before we ship the chews. Government of Nepal requires this test report before we can export from Nepal.