Yak Chews for Puppies: Tips for Introducing and Incorporating Them into Their Routine

Yak chews for dogs




In the vast universe of dog treats and chews, Yak chews stand out as a unique and highly beneficial option. Originating from the Himalayas, these chews are made from the milk of yaks, providing a hard, long-lasting treat for our furry friends. Especially for puppies who are teething or in need of something to keep them occupied, Yak chews can be a fantastic choice. But how do you introduce them, and how do you incorporate them into a regular routine? Read on for all the insight.

1. What Are Yak Chews?

Before we delve into the practicalities, it’s essential to understand what Yak chews are of. Made from the milk of yaks and cows that graze in the Himalayan altitudes, the milk is processed to remove lactose and then turned into hard cheese. The result? A dense, tough, and 100% natural chew that dogs find irresistible.

Benefits include:

Yak chews last longer: These chews are known to last much longer than many conventional dog treats or chews.

Yak chews are nutritious: Being rich in protein and calcium, they not only entertain but also nourish.

Yak chews are safe: Unlike some rawhide chews, Yak chews don't splinter easily, making them safer for puppies to gnaw on.

2. Introducing Yak Chews to Your Puppy:

As with any new item, it’s best to introduce Yak chews to your puppy gradually. Here's a step-by-step approach:

Supervision is Key: For the first few times, always supervise your puppy when giving them a Yak chew. This ensures they don't bite off larger chunks than they can handle.

Choose the Right Size: Yak chews come in various sizes. For puppies, it's recommended to start with a smaller, appropriate-sized chew, so it’s not overwhelming.

Limit Initial Chew Time: Begin by allowing your puppy to chew for about 5-10 minutes. This allows them to get used to the texture and taste without overdoing it.

3. Incorporating Yak Chews into Their Routine:

Consistency is the key to establishing any routine. Here’s how to make Yak chews a part of your puppy’s regular activities:

Scheduled Chew Time: Similar to regular meals and playtimes, schedule a consistent time daily for your puppy to enjoy their Yak chew. This not only provides them with a routine but also gives them something to look forward to.

Distraction Tool: Yak chews can be excellent tools to keep your puppy occupied when you're busy. If you need undisturbed time, say during a work call, hand them their chew.

Teething Relief: For puppies going through the teething phase, Yak chews can be a lifesaver. Offering a chew can soothe their gums and reduce their urge to chew on other household items.

Reward System: Use Yak chews as a high-value reward. If your puppy has mastered a new trick or behaved exceptionally well, reward them with some extra chew time.

4. Safety and Storage Tips:

While Yak chews are relatively safe, here are some pointers to consider:

Replace when Small: Once the chew becomes small enough to swallow, it's time to replace it. However, don’t throw that small piece away. You can microwave it, and it'll puff up, becoming a crunchy treat!

Store in a Cool, Dry Place: To retain the chew's hardness and ensure longevity, always store Yak chews in a cool and dry area.

Know Your Puppy: Every puppy is unique. Some might devour a chew quickly, while others might take their time. Understand your puppy's chewing habits and adjust accordingly.

PeaksNpaws Yak chews provide an excellent blend of entertainment, nourishment, and safety for puppies. When introduced properly and incorporated into a consistent routine, they can serve as an excellent tool for owners and a delightful treat for our furry companions. Just remember the basics: start slow, supervise, and always keep their safety in mind. Your puppy will thank you with wagging tails and contented, busy jaws!




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