Small Dogs Get Small Toys; the Big Ones for the Big Boys




Dogs are man’s best friend, helper, protector and partner-in-crime. No one loves you as unconditionally as your dog, and you know it. It’s time to show them some love. And, if your way of doing so is buying new dog toys then bingo! You are on the right track, and at the right place. 

But, hey! Buying pet toys may require more time and effort than you thought. So, we have come up with a comprehensive guide on how to buy the best dog toys that your pet will have a hard time getting over.

Durable Dog Toys for Those Big Boys

Before you go shopping for dog toys, pay close attention to your dog’s age. A three week old puppy, with baby teeth, could use something soft and chewy with snugly fabrics. Hey, you can check out rope toys. We bet, you pup would love these.

Before you know it, this little guy will start teething. And, you will find out only after he has devastated a pair of your favourite loafers or turned your toilet paper to shreds. So, if you are out shopping for a 3-9 month old young-adolescent, it’s advisable to stock up on chew toys for your dog. And, while you are at it, why don’t you take a minute to check out our dog toys for aggressive dogs.

By the time, your dog turns 5 or7; he will be big and sturdy, with strong teeth. It’s time to shop for more durable toys for these big boys. Check out our Duraspike series.  These rugged and sturdy toys come with embedded TPR spikes for a highly stimulating playtime.

Indestructible Dog Toys for Naughty Troublemakers

If there’s one thing your dog’s good at, it’s probably chewing. Like all other dogs, we bet, he’s a natural at it. Even more so, if he is too lively and energetic. To keep his gnawing traits in check, make sure your dog gets enough exercise and ample playtime with his most favourite human! So, how about a little game of fetch with this Johnny stick? This sturdy, extra durable chew is bound to keep your naughty troublemaker occupied for a long haul.

Squeaky Dog Toys for Them, Adorable Miscreants

Is your dog your most favourite alarm clock? Does he meticulously wake you up every morning, while wagging away at your face? They love to do that, you know. Reward this little miscreant with squeaky dog toys just like these. But, what if your dog doesn’t get sleep on certain nights? He may decide to play with his cool toy at the middle of the night, right next to your head. Thankfully, our push to mute toys come with a mute button to turn off the squeaking at will. That way, your dog can happily play all day and you can sleep peacefully all night.

Pink Dog Toys For Daddy’s Little Girl

This father-daughter relationship is the sweetest of all. Only you can vouch for the ways your dog makes you a better, more responsible parent and human. And, if you have a human baby besides your dog baby, how can you forget all those co-parenting moments where your dog has been by your side, shielding your kid? It’s heart-touching to have her as a part of your family, and it’s time to let her know that. How about this pink dog toy for her? If you loved it, chances are, she will too!

Best Interactive Dog Toys for One And All

Have a hyperactive dog at home? Check out our iron grip toys. This makes for a brilliant gift idea for those stubborn puppies and small dogs who love to play tug-of-war with their humans. But, there’s no reason why the big boys can’t enjoy this lively-looking toy, should you decide to go for it.

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