How to Chew Toy Train Your Dog?




“My puppy has a serious gnawing problem. He chews on everything! The bed, the bean bag, the briefcase, the baby: you name it, and I bet he’s chewed on it. It may have been funny once but not anymore.”

If you are a dog parent, you are only too familiar with this kind of rant. You may have done it yourself on countless occasions. Living with a hyperactive fur-toddler is not easy. Everything catches his attention, everything ignites his curiosity. Whatever he fancies somehow ends up in his mouth. And, we don’t need to tell you the rest.

In this blog post, we will talk more about the chewing habit in dogs, and we will tell you how to chew-toy train your dog so that both you and your furball can live happily together.

Why Do Dogs Chew?

A dog is an inquisitive animal. He wants to know his surroundings. While our babies explore the world around them through touch, our dog babies use their mouths. When you bring a dog home for the first time, everything is new for him. There’s so much to chew, bite, sniff and lick. Your puppy gets started the moment you put him down. The whole chewing business comes naturally to dogs. Puppies are more prone to chewing than grown-up dogs because of the teething factor. Sometimes, dogs also chew excessively because they are bored or anxious or they have too much pent-up energy.

Why Does My Puppy Chew On Everything But His Toys?

Now that you know, why dogs chew, let us tell you why he chews on your stuff more than his. It’s simple: he does that because they smell like you, and he finds it comforting. Also, dogs don’t come with an inherent knowledge of what he should or should not chew on. Dogs are impulsive. They see it, the sniff it, they like it, so they chew on it. A dog does not differentiate between what’s his and what’s yours, and nor can he. It is our job as dog parents to draw the boundaries; to teach them the dos and don’ts of chewing. To be honest, your dog does not have a chewing problem; they have an insufficient training problem.

How to Introduce Chew Toy Training to Dogs?

Start taking small steps. Next time you see your puppy chewing on something around the house, distract him with a loud noise. Then, offer him a chew toy instead. When your dog takes the chew toy, praise him profusely and offer him a treat. Keep repeating this until your dog gets the message. You can even stuff his toys with treats and leave them around every time you leave home. That way, he will be busy retrieving those treats while you are gone instead of chewing on the furniture. Doing this will prevent your dog from excessive barking if he is prone to it because chewing and barking are mutually exclusive behaviors.

How to Pick the Right Chew Toy?

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