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Antler Dog Chews are good for young adolescent dogs. A teething puppy with baby teeth may find it difficult to chew on one of these. But if you have a naughty mess maker at home, one that loves to chew aggressively, then this is the dog chew to go for.

Antlers are unique to the deer family. Every year during winters, the members of the deer family shed their antlers. These hardened antlers are rich in minerals like calcium and phosphorous. They make ideal dog chews. Not only do they keep your dog occupied for hours and hours; they also promote good dental health in dogs.

Why Do Antler Bones Make Good Chews For Dogs?

Antler dog chews are natural and healthy. They keep the dogs occupied thus reducing their trouble-making tendencies. A dog happily occupied with a challenging chew toy is less likely to munch on furniture or bark unnecessarily.

Elk antlers for dogs are long-lasting- Antler chews last way longer chews made of compacted starch or rawhide. Whole Elk antlers are difficult to chew. It takes extra effort to get to the nutritious marrow.

They make for premium dog chews- At PeaksNPaws, antler dog chews are made from naturally shed Grade A quality antlers. Grade A antlers have the most flavor for your pup!

Antlers dog chews are stink-free- Antler bones for dogs have virtually no odor and you don’t have to worry about them leaving any residue on carpets or furniture.

Antler dog bones are safe- Whole Elk antlers are safe for dogs. These antler bones are much less likely to chip or splinter as compared to processed bones. However, if your dog chews on them excessively, they may run the risk of breaking a tooth. To prevent over-chewing, get your dog to ‘drop it’ on command, and trade him for a nice treat every time he obeys you.

Whole Elk Antlers Vs Split Elk Antlers

Split Elk Antlers are comparatively easier to chew on. It is good for dogs that chew insistently but do not head for destruction. Split Elk Antlers are more enjoyable because in this case the delicious marrow is already exposed.

Both Split Elk Antlers and Whole Elk Antlers are available in various sizes. To know more about our antler bones for dogs, you can visit us at Depending on your dog’s size, age, and chewing propensity, you can pick the one that’s best for your pet.

Why Buy Antler Chews From PeaksNPaws?

  • We use 100% naturally shed antlers
  • These premium chews are rich in vitamins and minerals
  • They take care of good dental health in your dogs
  • Our antler dog chews do not contain any antibiotics or synthetic hormones
  • No chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavors are added to them

About PeaksNPaws

PeaksNPaws has a varied range of premium dog chews. We care about both you and your dog baby. Through our products, we intend to make life better for the two of you. Our products enable you to indulge your pet with tasty chews and fun games while keeping them off your belongings. At PeaksNPaws, we have a little something for everyone. Place your order today and get 15% off on your first order and free shipping anywhere in the US.





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