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Yak Milk Dog Chews

You may have noticed this by now that your furry four-legged friend has a natural inclination to gnaw at all things within its paw reach. It comes to them naturally. And, while chewing is a means of exploration to him; it doesn’t have to become a source of headache for you. That’s what dog chews are there for.

Choosing the right dog chew can be a tricky business because not all of them are 100% safe, natural and unprocessed. But, with our yak milk dog chews, you can rest assured. These premium dog chews are one of a kind.

Here are 5 Things You Didn’t Already Know about Our Yak Milk Dog Chews:

  • They hail from the Himalayas - Our yak milk bones are manufactured in the lap of the lush green mountains, 15,000 ft. above the sea-level, where the cow and yak milk is found in abundance. Not all of the milk is consumed; so the local farmers here use an age-old recipe to make the milk into hard cheese. It takes painstaking effort, as the process is 100% natural. Yes, that’s how these delicious chews came into being.


  • It’s edible and 100 % natural - The process of making these yak bones for dogs is quite simple yet painstaking. First, the yak milk is boiled, and the butter is removed. Second, the buttermilk is boiled again and the protein is coagulated. Then, cheese curds obtained in the process are compressed in Jute cloth and allowed to harden for days. The chews are cut and dried till they lose all their moisture. And, as you have already figured out by now, the end product is edible and natural. No added preservatives or chemicals.


  • They come in different sizes - From small to jumbo; these yak cheese dog treats are available in various sizes. Check out our product page to know more about the size variations, and consider the size of your dog before picking up a chew for him.


  • They are eco-friendly - As environmentally aware citizens and dog parents, this may interest you to know that no animals are harmed in the process of manufacturing these yak milk dog chews. The cows and the yaks are allowed to roam freely in the mountains. The animals are grass-fed, no antibiotics or hormones are used in the feeding process of the animals.


  • They are FDA approved - Our factory in Nepal is US FDA approved. And, before shipping them to the US, these dog chews are checked for moisture level, quality, texture, size and mites, and molds. Still worried about the processing standards? You can chuck all your worries because the yak milk bones pass through scrutiny by The Nepal Government, Ministry of Agriculture, and the Department of Food Technology & Quality Control before they reach your dog. It is the superior quality of our chews that makes it a premium dog product.

And, just so you know, these hard yak milk bones don’t only give your dog a quality playtime; they also promote dental health. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website, and order your first yak milk dog chew.  To be on the safe side, bookmark us, because these yak milk bones are so much fun that no dog can chew on just one!





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