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Gigwi Tennis Ball


SQUEAKING FUN: The GiGwi Original Ball has a satisfying squeaking sound that your dog will love and encourages play.

CLASSIC TENNIS BALL SHAPE AND MATERIAL: Each GiGwi Original Ball is made from durable rubber that is designed to last. The GiGwi Original Ball is made with tennis ball felt for a good grip and bounce.

MULTIPLE TENNIS BALLS, MULTIPLE COLORS: The GiGwi Original Ball comes in a 3-pack. Each ball comes in three different colors, Blue/Pink, Blue/Red, and Green/Purple.

SMALL TO LARGE DOGS: The GiGwi Original Ball comes in three sizes, Small, Medium, and Large.

PLEASE CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE BALL: Make sure the ball you are choosing is the right sized ball for your dog. The Small balls are 2 inches in diameter. The Medium balls are 2.5 inches in diamter. The Large balls are 3.1 inches in diameter. Tennis balls can be a chocking hazard. Make sure the ball cannot fit beyond your dog's front teeth, and always supervise your dog when playing. After your dog's play session is over, put the ball away and don't allow your dog to keep chewing on it.